​About the company

GreenNet Recycling and Waste Treatment, a full subsidiary of the YSB Group, is the leading company in Israel for sorting municipal solid waste. The plant, situated in the Atarot Industrial Area, sorting the mixed household waste of a million people in the Jerusalem metropolitan area.

The plant, which opened in 2013, was constructed in a record time of 14 months, and since then has been leading Israel’s green revolution through the use of the world’s most advanced technologies for sorting and recycling waste.

The waste accepted by the plant is sorted according to the different types of material found in it. The sorted materials are then transferred to recycling industries for reuse while reducing the waste sent to landfills.

Additional areas of activity in the Yaakobi brothers group​

Selected Projects​

Areas of expertise

Sorting of mixed household waste.

Sale of recycled materials (iron, aluminum, plastic sorted by type, paper, cardboard etc.).

Compacting recycled materials into compacted bales which reduces transportation costs.

Design, construction, training and consultation for waste sorting plants including composting sites


GreenNet Recycling and Treatment of Organic Waste


Recycling and Treatment
of Organic Waste